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The main purpose of the Personal Assistant is to provide administrative and coordination support to the CEO and to facilitate effective communication with various stakeholders.

CEO Support and Coordination

  • To plan and schedule CEO’s annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plans and tasks as required by receiving and gathering meeting requests and requirements, scheduling, inviting relevant stakeholders and coordinating that CEO and / or stakeholders have all required meeting documentation within deadline and prior to meetings
  • To schedule and coordinate meetings in the CEO’s diary by receiving requests for meetings, identifying priority, identifying schedule opportunities, resolving conflicting meeting schedules and scheduling appropriately within deadline
  • To identify meetings that the CEO cannot attend and recommend alternative management attendee by understanding the meeting purpose, aligning this with the relevant manager and requesting manager attendance as required
  • To manage that meetings are well coordinated by booking the venues, organising documentation, catering and technology as required and prior to meeting
  • To provide assistance to CEO on personal administrative requirements by receiving request, addressing and resolving within deadlines

Board Administration

  • To collate Board Reports by coordinating and compiling reports in line with the defined templates and formats and submitting to the CEO quarterly and as required
  • To schedule Board and Committee meetings by coordinating attendance and booking in board member diaries as required
  • To organise board and committee meetings by booking venues, organising catering, making travel arrangements, organising equipment and communicating with participants as required
  • To compile board administration by preparing and maintaining attendance registers and minute books and filing resolutions as required

Stakeholder Relationship Management

  • To represent TBCSA on first contact by responding to communication professionally, referring stakeholders to relevant managers correctly and building professional and supportive relationships with stakeholders that engage with the CEO on a regular basis as required
  • To build influential relationships with stakeholders to support effective and efficient processing of TBCSA requirements by gaining trust of stakeholder contact people, understanding stakeholder processes and requirements and influencing stakeholders appropriately to achieve TBCSA objectives as required
  • To resolve stakeholder queries and complaints by receiving the query or complaint, evaluating the cause and solution needs, implementing a solution and resolving the query in a manner that maintains the stakeholder relationships within deadline

Travel Coordination

  • To coordinate travel, accommodation and car hire by engaging with the approved travel agent, briefing on travel requirements, coordinating travel changes, addressing travel issues and checking travel booking accuracy as required and as per policy
  • To coordinate that international travel is conducted successfully by coordinating travel allowance, invitations to international stakeholders, checking and coordinating of immunisation requirements and making CEO and/or manager aware of international risks within deadline
  • To reconcile travel spend with allocated budget, by receiving Travel Agency invoices, checking against bookings made / cancelled / changed and budget allocated and addressing issues monthly
  • To manage travel service providers by addressing travel errors or queries, addressing deadline non-compliance and making recommendations on contract renewal or extension to Finance annually
  • To coordinate the capture and maintenance of the CEO travel logbook by receiving travel mileage monthly, capturing into the defined template and submitting for financial recompense and SARS submissions annually

CEO Office Management

  • To develop and update the departmental and organisational annual calendar with all key engagements and deliverable deadlines, implement reminders to relevant stakeholders to submit requirements, track compliance with calendar and coordinate that all calendar deliverables are received on time and to standard by the agreed date
  • To plan and schedule the leadership teams annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plans and tasks as required by receiving schedules, scheduling, inviting relevant stakeholders and coordinating that CEO and / or stakeholders have all required meeting documentation within deadline and prior to meeting
  • To draft meeting documentation including minutes, agenda’s, matters arising, resolutions and meeting invitations, submit for approval and distribute within agreed turnaround time
  • To manage the quality of all documentation being submitted to the CEO by reviewing all documents, checking for accuracy, relevance and completeness, returning for amendment and addressing recurring issues by escalating prior to submitting documents to CEO and as required
  • To coordinate the annual updating of policies and procedures and report on compliance in line with requirements and as needed
  • To coordinate leave applications for the leadership team by checking leave application in line with the available leave, calendar and leave schedules, making recommendations regarding leave approval or decline and submitting to CEO for approval within deadline
  • To coordinate out-of-office applications for the leadership team by checking out-of-office schedule in line with the calendar, making recommendations and submitting to CEO for approval within deadline
  • To manage the smooth daily functioning and operations of the CEO office by identifying challenges being faced in the office, identifying solution, implementing and resolving within deadline

General Administration

  • To provide any other administrative support by receiving request, addressing, resolving and completing as per standards and deadline, as and when required


Frameworks & Boundaries

  • TBCSA Policies and Procedures
  • Relevant Legislation and Regulations


  • Tertiary
  • Functional (job related)

A relevant NQF 5 qualification in administration or executive assistance or similar


  • 5 years executive personal assistant experience
  • 2 years board documentation experience
  • PA experience in a sector or industry regulator / board will be an advantage
  • Experience in the travel and tourism sector is an advantage

(include the minimum period and the level of experience)

Stakeholder Relationships


  • Staff
  • Executive Leadership
  • Board and Sub-Committees


  • Service Providers
  • Public and private stakeholders
  • Policy makers
  • Sector Decision Makers