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National Department of Tourism (NDT)

The Department of Tourism South Africa aims to fulfill the national government`s role towards creating the conditions for responsible tourism growth and development by promoting and developing tourism. The department is headed by the Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom.

South African Tourism (SAT)

South African Tourism is a national tourism agency responsible for the international marketing of South Africa as a preferred tourist destination. Domestic Tourism marketing has also become an important component of SAT`s overall functions. Its aim is to make tourism the leading economic sector in South Africa, and to promote sustainable economic and social empowerment of all South Africans. South Africa is marketed as an integral part of Africa and particularly the subcontinent of southern Africa.

Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA)

Established in September 2000, the TGCSA is mandated to provide a framework and process for grading across all relevant sectors of the tourism industry in South Africa. The TGCSA ensures that a standard of quality is achieved across all the services and facilities offered by the South African tourism industry.

Brand South Africa (Brand SA)

Brand South Africa was established in August 2002 to help create a positive and compelling brand image for South Africa. The main objective of the organisation is to market South Africa and its destinations. The most important benefit of having a consolidated brand image is that a consistent Brand South Africa message creates strategic advantages in terms of trade and tourism for the country in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Statistics South Africa (STATS SA)

StatsSA provide an indispensable element in the information system of a democratic society, serving the Government, the economy and the public with data about the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation. To this end, official statistics that meet the test of practical utility are to be compiled and made available on an impartial basis to honour citizens’ entitlement to public information.

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA)

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is an autonomous association of municipalities with its mandate derived from the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. This mandate defines SALGA as the voice and sole representative of local government. SALGA interfaces with parliament, the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), cabinet as well as provincial legislatures.

The Department of Transport (DOT)

The Department of Transport is responsible for regulation of Transportation in South Africa, that is, public transport, rail transportation, civil aviation, shipping, freight and motor vehicles.
“Transport is the heartbeat of South Africa’s economic growth and social development!”

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

The DTI provides leadership to the South African economy through its understanding of the economy, its knowledge of economic opportunities and potential, and its contribution to ASGISA. It acts as a catalyst for the transformation and development of the economy and responds to the challenges and opportunities of the economic citizens, in order to support the government`s economic goals of growth, employment and equity. It also aims at providing a predictable, competitive, equitable and socially responsible environment for investment, enterprise and trade.

Department of Home Affairs (DOH)

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is the custodian of the identity and status of citizens in SA. By issuing enabling documents it also contributes to the security of all citizens.

Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Sector Education and training Authoruty (CATHSETTA)

Cathsetta is the national Training Authority for Arts, Culture, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education. TBCSA`s relationship with such an influential member will go a long way in us reaching our goals.