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TBCSA is made up of members from the key travel and tourism associations, leading tourism businesses operating in South Africa as well as corporate companies who recognise the importance of tourism to South Africa and the general economy.

Members of TBCSA enjoy the following benefits: 

Exposure & networking
Create a platform and an environment for active networking. Members are exposed to business intelligence that gives their company an edge in efficiency, profitability and exposure. Specific benefits:-

  • Access to a broad range of information affecting travel and tourism business.
  • Input into macro-economic policy formulation
  • Interact with all business sectors, legislators, government agencies as well as international and regional bodies through the TBCSA
  • Direct access to national government through National Department of Tourism
  • Access to industry workshops (around key macro issues affecting the tourism industry) convened by the TBCSA and its partners in government and private sector
  • Immediate access to quarterly Tourism Business Index results (TBI)
  • Access to travel and tourism knowledge database
  • Immediate receipt of Media Statements and Releases
    – Regular and Breaking Member Alert Updates / Newsletters
    – Use of the TBCSA Logo as an endorsement
    – Be part of the trusted and respected voice of the Travel and Tourism Private Sector
    – Listing and link on the TBCSA Website
  • Broader benefit on the TBCSA’s membership to BUSA (Business Unity South Africa)

Membership categories and fees: (Please note that the below fees exclude VAT.)

Crown Members

Category Description Annual Fees
Crown The crown member category is made up of Multi National Corporations who appreciate and acknowledge the value tourism brings to their bottom line. Joining the TBCSA as a crown member gives the corporation preferred patronage and exposure with all TBCSA business activities. As a crown member, the corporation invests in promoting tourism nationally by supporting and branding a National Tourism promotion event, activity or Project. R 202 611.42

Business Members – Corporations and businesses whose business activities are 90% – 100% derived from travel and tourism.

Category Description Annual Fees
Large Business Annual turnover exceeds R40 million per annum R 93 369.23
Medium-Large Business Annual turnover exceeds R15 million per annum, but is less than R40 million per annum R 50 062.43
Medium Business Annual turnover exceeds R5 million per annum, but is less than R15 million per annum R 27 828.95
Small Business Annual turnover exceeds R1 million per annum, but is less than R5 million per annum R 8 239.03

Association Members – These are sector-specific association organisations in the travel and tourism industry

Category Description Annual Fees
Large Association Income exceeds R500 000 per annum R 26 308.27
Medium Association Income exceeds R250 000 but is less than R500 000 per annum R 17 531.67
Small Association Income is less than R250 000 per annum R 6 337.26

Supportive Members – These are other businesses, NGOs or investment concerns that see value and benefit from tourism business practices.

Category Description Annual Fees
Large Supportive   R 55 248.68
Medium Supportive   R 36 829.81
Small Supportive   R 18 408.24
  • AFFILIATE Members
    This none paying category is for Public and Private institutions whose focus and functions are in social philanthropic activities to develop, promote or improve the social and/or economical conditions in South Africa.
  • LIMITED Members
    Limited members are public or private organisations, NGOs whose main activities are directly or indirectly related to travel and tourism. These organisations’ role should be to contribute to the country’s economic growth, development & transformation, as well as to promote the development of travel & tourism that is responsible, sustainable & accessible to everyone.

Please contact Ms Boitumelo Moleleki, our Member Relations Manager via email at membership@tbcsa.travel , for more information on how you can join the voice of organised business in South Africa’s travel and tourism industry.