Dear TBCSA member

The year 2018 marks the end of the term for the current TBCSA board. A new board will be elected at the AGM to be held on Thursday, 21st June 2018 at the TBCSA Office, Centurion.

This presents an opportunity for TBCSA members to nominated fellow members to become board members.

What does it mean to be a TBCSA Member?

  • It is important to note that for a business to be nominated for a seat in the TBCSA Board, it needs to be a member in Good Standing, i.e. membership fees paid for previous and current year.
  • The role of the Board is to guide and support the work of the TBCSA staff in their work of managing industry related matters.  The Board meets FOUR times a year to deliver on this mandate plus the Annual General Meeting.
  • In accordance with the TBCSA Articles of Association, Board Members serve for a period of TWO years and are eligible for re-election thereafter.

Here are the guidelines on completing the TBCSA election nomination form:

  • Nominee – the company representative to be nominated on the board is required to sign the nomination form.
  • Nominator – The nominator can be a colleague from the same organisation and is also required to sign the form.
  • The nominee is not required to be present during the elections. In the case that the nominee is not present, a representative from the same organisation must be present. A proxy form with the nominee’s signature must accompany the nomination form to indicate that they will be a representative from the same organisation.

We therefore INVITE you, to take up this exceptional opportunity to NOMINATE a fellow member from your organisation to serve on the next TBCSA Board.  Nominate a member that will ensure your voice is heard!

Please click below to find the election documents.

(i).       TBCSA AGM Election Guideline and procedure
(ii).      TBCSA Director Nomination Form
(iii).     TBCSA AGM Proxy Form
(iv).     Composition of the Board of Directors
(v).      Members in Good Standing

Nomination forms to reach our office by the 18th June 2018 via fax on (012 654 7394) or via email to pa@tbcsa.travel.