Flash Flooding Survival Guide

With people in parts of the country still picking up the pieces following last week’s flash floods, the Automobile Association (AA) has issued some basic rules to follow in such situations
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The TSI aims to guide and empower businesses in the industry to manage criminal incidents and other related incidents.
Download the following documents to empower your business:

A Free Accommodation Facility Risk Management Checklist for Your Business
Download from this link:
Online interactive risk assessment for your micro and small organisation
Please visit this link:

Infosum 06/2016: Tourism Safety & Security Risk Factors – A New Model

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 06/2016


Infosum 05/2016: A Comparison of a Few Select Sources on Tourism Safety Tips in SA

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 05/2016


Infosum 04/2016: The Changing Concept of Safety and Security in Tourism

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 04/2016

Infosum 03/2016 Airport Follow-Home Robberies

icon_legend_pdfInfosum 03/2016 

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