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Our Tourism Marketing efforts are guided by the TOMSA Tourism Levy. The 1% levy is collected by TOMSA Levy Contributors and paid over to the TBCSA who act as levy administrators. The funds are transferred to SA tourism on a quarterly basis which is then used to market Destination South Africa in a variety of ways. The levy constitutes approximately 12% of SAT’s annual budget and we are proud to announce the year on year growth of TOMSA continues.

Benefits for Levy Contributors in good standing include, to name but a few:

– 3 B-BEEE Tourism Charter points

– Free advertising of specials/deals on the home page of the TOMSA website

– Preferential treatment by SA Tourism in terms of guidance and training for accredited trade shows and industry events

– An opportunity to be nominated as a TOMSA Board Member and actively participate in the effective operational management of the TOMSA levy

  • Click Here to download the ”How To” TOMSA booklet
  • Click Here to download the TOMSA agreement to start collecting today! (click here for guidelines on how to complete this agreement)