In the week, the Tourism B-BBEE Charter Council in partnership with the National Department of Tourism (NDT) hosted a Tourism Transformation Summit at Kopanong Hotel and Conference Centre in Gauteng. The aim of the Summit was to create dialogue and exchange tourism sector transformation strategies as well as investment opportunities towards radically growing and sustaining black and women participation across the Tourism value chain. The Summit also sought to listen to success stories on transformation initiatives in both the tourism and other sectors; as well as exploring funding mechanisms available for SMMEs. Below are key outcomes from the Summit:

  • In setting the scene for the Summit, the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Tokozile Xasa mentioned that transformation in the tourism sector is a task for those in the private sector, public sector and the communities. She mentioned the importance of having women, the youth and people with disabilities as beneficiaries of radical economic transformation. 
  • The findings of the NDT commissioned Baseline Study on the State of Transformation in the Tourism Sector were presented by Urban-Econ Development Economists. Among other key findings, they reveal that in the Management & Control Element of the Tourism B-BBEE Codes, there are still challenges in regard to the advancement of black women in management. However, the hospitality sector is outperforming other sectors in promoting management control amongst black women. On the Skills Development Element, most Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) enterprises are still struggling to achieve their targets, as only 2% are able to successfully absorb 100% of their learners into employment. On a positive note, it was also found that Large Enterprises are performing well in the Skills Development Element.

Click Here to view the full presentation

  • It also emerged that issues of Access to Land and Financing are key in driving the transformation agenda. It was noted that the mentoring and coaching of new entrants into the market is also essential in achieving our transformation targets. In addition, issues of coordinating efforts through government cluster structures were seen as pertinent. Click here to view a presentation delivered by The Commission on Restitution of Land Rights.

Some other notable resolutions from the Summit were:

  • The Tourism B-BBEE Charter Council to arrange a stakeholder round-table on funding in the tourism sector
  • The NDT will develop an incubation programme for new and emerging enterprises
  • There is a need to speed up training and skills development, by offering more accredited training for black women by both government and the private sector
  • The NDT will also establish a tourism specific SETA.

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