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Welcome to this week’s edition of THIS TRAVEL & TOURISM WEEK. The month of July is regarded as Savings Month, and it is with this in mind that we note the results of the latest survey by Old Mutual which shows that South Africans are starting to manage debt better and showing more confidence in their own ability to make responsible financial decisions. Given that our domestic tourism figures remain quite low, we certainly hope this will translate into consumers allocating some of these savings towards travel.

In contrast, the Q2 FNB BER Consumer Confidence Index was released in the week revealing that current consumer confidence is still low. Also, South African consumers do not expect their own household finances to improve any time soon and that it will only get rougher and tougher.

Also in the week, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned South Africa over vulnerability in its economy, once again highlighting political uncertainty and turbulence that are weighing heavily on business and consumer confidence. The IMF further states that the projected economic growth of 1% in 2017 and 1.2% in 2018 is still insufficient to keep pace with the rising population. We trust that this message is truly filtering through the powers that be.

On the travel and tourism front, issues of tourist safety and security remain topical. We wish to remind you to please report all safety and security incidents to the TSI web portal on www.tbcsa.travel/tourismsafety. A lot of effort is also being placed on engaging all relevant stakeholders to address this matter. It is encouraging to see the National Police Minister speaking on the matter of crime around the OR Tambo International Airport. We hope this signals a move to address the broader issues of tourist safety and security in the country.

SA Tourism’s “We do Tourism” national roadshow continued in the week, with a workshop held in Rustenburg. This week will see East London host a workshop; with Kimberley, Polokwane and Johannesburg still to host theirs in the coming weeks.  

In this week’s edition we bring you highlights of the Finance Minister’s recently announced intervention plans to lift the economy out of a recession; one of which includes full or partial privatization of state assets and entities. We continue our focus on the Draft National Tourism Sector Strategy, unpacking its proposed vision and mission. We thank the members who have sent their comments so far.  We wish to remind those who still wish to send us comments to do so ASAP to enable us to finalise our consolidated response.  When it comes to matters of tourist safety and security, we are pleased to note that the latest TSI Accommodation Report for the month of June is now exclusively available to members. Kindly also note invitations to a number of events and government initiatives.

SAVE THE DATE: We remind members to diarise the date of Tuesday 15 August for the 2017 TBCSA Annual General Meeting (AGM). More information about the AGM will be communicated in due course. 

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