In this safety and security section we bring you an update on recent meetings we’ve had on the TSI with members and stakeholders. We also bring you key points (involving travel and tourism) from SABRIC’s recently released card fraud stats for 2016:

  • Partners welcome upcoming Tsi mobile app:
    One of the pillars of the board approved Tsi strategy speaks to visitor support.  To this end, TBCSA has developed a Visitor Support Application which is designed to provide tourists with access to emergency support, assistance and added peace of mind when in South Africa. We are currently in the development and testing phase of the App.  In seeking to test the App, we have been consulting with TBCSA members and partners in an effort to partner with them on the trialing of the App with their customers and other industry workers.  So far, some of those we have engaged such as Tourvest and Gauteng Tourism Authority, to mention a few, have welcomed the idea of a Visitor Support APP and look forward to the trialing process.
    The APP will be available for sale to inbound and domestic tourists through online APP stores and other platforms once launched.
  • DEDAT keen to partner with TBCSA to raise awareness on safety & security
    While at WTM Africa, we met with The Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) to discuss tourism safety and security. We both agreed that stakeholder collaboration is key to create more awareness and share success stories about safety and security in the industry. DEDAT is also keen to be involved in the Tsi trade training programme which is in the pipeline. We will keep you fully updated on all our activities on the Tsi.

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  • Latest SABRIC Card Fraud report indicates that tourism is amongst hardest hit
    According to SABRIC, the largest form of credit card fraud (66.8%) in South Africa is card-not-present (CNP) fraud – where a card transaction is made and where the cardholder does not or cannot physically present the card for a merchant’s visual examination. Unfortunately, the highest losses from CNP fraud were in the tourism and hospitality industries; including airline tickets, travel agencies, vehicle hire and hotel accommodation. Overall, credit card fraud increased by 13% from R331.4 million in 2015 to R374.4 million in 2016, and debit card fraud increased by 3.1% for the same period.
    Be attentive online; don’t get scammed
    Criminals secure card data through various means, including phishing, malware and data breaches. We urge members to please be vigilant when dealing with online payments and to not send or communicate any of your online banking login details over the internet.

Click here to view the SABRIC 2016 Card Fraud Booklet

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