The first TBCSA Board meeting for 2017 took place on 02 March. Herewith some key discussion highlights and decisions for your noting:

Update on Immigration regulations:
On 19 February, the Tactical board sub-committee met with the Minister of Tourism to ensure alignment on the latest amendments to the immigration regulations that were due for consideration by the Immigrations Advisory Board (IAB) on 22nd February 2017. We are now waiting for the IAB to finalise their consideration of the suggested amendments and for them to go through the Parliamentary approval process.

Update on Tourism Month:
One of the initiatives TBCSA has identified for collaboration with NDT is Tourism Month. The Board noted the importance of private sector involvement in the initiative but expressed concern in the way the NDT has prepared and organised the event over the years. The board chairman was requested to raise the concern of the TBCSA members in his engagement with the Minister of Tourism.  

Update on Transformation in the travel and tourism industry:
The Board discussed the issues around the level of transformation in the industry as its something that is been raised at various national platforms. It was resolved that the TBCSA should conduct a survey amongst its member organisations to measure the level of transformation in the industry that will guide engagements on this important issue. Members would like the member survey to be conducted ahead of the industry-wide study to be conducted by the Tourism BEE Council.

Government Procurement Issue:
The Board discussed the issue of government’s poor payment for services rendered to them by the industry as it continues to affect many travel and tourism business (bill backs). This issue was also added to the list of issues for the board chairman to take up in his engagement with the Ministers of Tourism and Treasury.

Study on International Benchmarking of Vat Payment by Tour Operators:
The board reconsidered the request from SATSA for the TBCSA to assist with a study to benchmark the payment of VAT by tour operators in South Africa. It was resolved to assist SATSA with the request guided by cost implications amongst other conditions.

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