“Tourism Planning is Everybody’s Business”


“Tourism Planning is Everybody’s Business” – 2017 Local Government Tourism Conference
After the 2016 Municipal elections, issues pertaining to local government have gained more prominence in the public discourse.  Local government regulations have a significant impact on the business of travel and tourism and it is worth noting that the 2017 Local Government Tourism Conference will take place from 03 – 04 April 2017 at Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng. 
The TBCSA presentation at the last conference in 2015 highlighted the following key points:

  • The frustration felt by local businesses on lack of relationship with Provincial Government
  • The lack of industry alignment between private and public sector in NTSS implementation
  • Importance of gaining a deeper understanding of how local government is structured
  • More is needed to develop local SMMEs through existing and new projects
  • Engagement needed on reducing costs of doing business, i.e. utility and municipal costs

This year, the conference will allow private sector to engage with government on these issues and more, as well as map a way forward for tourism development at local government level.  Make sure to diarise this date and be part of this important industry conversation.

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