Share your tips to Pravin ahead of the National Budget Speech


Share your tips to Pravin ahead of the National Budget Speech

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will deliver the much anticipated 2017 National Budget Speech to Parliament on Wednesday 22 February.  As is customary ahead of the speech, BUSA will be giving business’s input and recommendations on current social, political and economic conditions to government. Travel and tourism’s meaningful role to the South African economy was expressed in last year’s speech and TBCSA would like to submit our sector’s input and recommendations to BUSA. Here are some inputs we think should make it onto the final speech:

  • Travel and tourism has the potential to lead the way for inclusive economic growth in SA
  • Travel and tourism’s potential to grow the absolute contribution to the economy
  • Has the true negative impact of reduced government spend on travel and accommodation been considered?
  • Our sector’s willingness to work and engage regularly with Treasury to achieve the country’s economic objectives

If you have any tips for Pravin ahead of the National Budget Speech on 22 February 2017, please submit them to Tebogo@tbcsa.travel by Wednesday 15 February 2017

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