TBCSA comments on the National Road Safety Strategy


TBCSA comments on the National Road Safety Strategy

You may be aware that we are part of a BUSA task team on transport matters. In the past week, we were requested by the task team to comment on the National Road Safety Strategy 2016-2030, prior to the meeting of the task team that will take place in the middle of September. We have completed the comments and did send the same to the affected members for their input and suggestions. Some issues of concern in the strategy were, in the main, the lack of clarity on the role of the private sector on issues of road safety management. The strategy proposes that the National Road Safety Oversight Council would seemingly be made up of government departments only. This is a serious limitation as we believe that the private sector has an important role to play in almost all the pillars of the strategy. Also of concern is the fact that government has set itself a target to halve fatalities by 2030, amidst current high fatality figures. We feel that the fourteen-year period from 2016 to 2030 is rather long, given that one road fatality is one too many, and may create a negative picture of South Africa as a dangerous country to travel in.

Click Here to read a paper of our comments on the National Road Safety Strategy.

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