SAT & TBCSA Trade Request for Proposals

South African Tourism in partnership with the Tourism Business Council of South Africa call on members of TBCSA and TOMSA to put forward proposals for innovative Joint Marketing Agreement between South African Tourism, TOMSA and the trade partners in the USA, UK Germany and China that will increase arrivals though incremental marketing activities. The proposals would need to show how to increase arrivals in line with the market insights outlined in this document and to promote South Africa in innovative ways to the consumers in UK, USA, Germany and China.

Deliverables for JMA from USA (Growth market):

  1. The trade’s knowledge of SA as destination with variety being a challenge, the need to educate and inspire the trade to promote and sell a range of easy to do experiences that clearly demonstrate affordability and value.
  2. South Africa is currently being sold mainly to the High End traveler. An opportunity exists to entice the Middle Income first time traveler to travel by showcasing experiences that demonstrates value for money and variety
  3. Partnerships with great return on investment will be considered, clearly offering innovative experiences addressing both geographic spread as well as seasonality issues.

Deliverables for JMAs from UK (Defend Market):

  1. Education of trade and consumers on the variety of South African experiences on offer and also the value for money offering.
  2. Partner with trade to showcase and sell SA as a fun, value for money holiday destination and provide tools to increase consumer confidence.
  3. The need to give support to high street boutique trade and the middle income leisure traveler, leveraging off the increased airlift capacity into SA – taking advantage of the increased SA value offering
  4. Again, great ROI will be considered matched with innovative ways to address the issues of geographic spread (as a defend market), offering new and innovative itineraries, and addressing seasonality issues.

Deliverables for JMAs from Germany (Defend market)

  1. B2C and B2B2C: specific price point campaigns that address specific interest groups within trade partners’ communication channels and client databases.
  2. B2B and leading B2BC: tactical trade PR campaign that leverages the footprint of the trade partner in the market through extensive retail networks and affiliations.
  3. Again, great ROI will be considered matched with innovative ways to deal with geographic spread (as a defend market), offering new and innovative itineraries key showcasing the rich diversity of SA, and dealing with seasonality issues.

Deliverables for JMA from China (Growth Market).

  1. Due to the scale of the country and high amount of travel operators emerging, trade education and destination training in the travel sales force is a major focus area. JMAs proposing solutions on how to educate and empower the trade will be critical
  2. China presents a strong incentive market. JMA proposing how to further grow this market segments are sought.
  3. Trade PR: negative perceptions of South Africa are a barrier to travel to South Africa. We are seeking proposals focusing on trade PR campaigns addressing this perception and also the media partners, and the end consumers to counter the effect of social media.

Guidelines to the JMA template

  1. Click Here to find a pdf link to the standard terms and conditions of a South African Joint Marketing Agreement. Please familiarize yourself with this document: it is not possible to amend these contract terms.
  2. Click Here to download the JMA guidelines and minimum requirements (pdf)
  3. Please ensure that each activity is outlined clearly in terms of investment ROI for all parties.
  4. Activities should be linked to at least one of the market needs outlined above, but may combine several opportunities.

Timeframe and JMA submission deadline

  1. Proposals should be submitted to the Tourism Business Council of South Africa by no later than 13 May 2016.
  2. Proposals will be evaluated on the 27th of May 2016 by Marketing Work Stream Committee, which comprises of South African Tourism, the National Department of Tourism and Tourism Business Council of South Africa.
  3. JMAs should only focus on activities in the period June 2016- March 2017

Thank you for submitting your JMA proposal. If you have any questions you may address them directly to Tourism Business Council of South Africa, for the attention of Ms. Boitumelo Moleleki via email on tumi@tbcsa.travel Please make contact with Boitumelo on the phone if needed on 012 664 0120.

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