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Parliamentary Updates



Below we inform you on the Parliamentary process a Draft Bill must undergo to become an Act. We also explain the difference between a Green Paper and a White Paper Government publication: Before a Bill can become an Act it must go through the below process:

  • A Bill is introduced in the National Assembly (NA) and/or the National Council of Provinces (NCOP)
  • Bill then referred to relevant Committee and published in Government Gazette for public comment
  • The Bill and its public comments are debated in the Committee and amended if necessary
  • The Bill is then submitted to a sitting of the House for further debate before a vote is taken
  • The Bill is transmitted to the other House for concurrence (agree or not)
  • Bill arrives at President for assent (signing of Bill to make it an Act of Parliament and Law of the Land)

What is the difference between a Green and a White Paper published by Government?
A Green Paper is drafted in the Ministry or department dealing with the particular issue. It is usually the very first process of making a law and is known as a discussion document in order to show the way Government is thinking on a particular policy/issue. It is then published for public comment. 
A White Paper usually follows a Green Paper and is a more refined discussion document that broadly states Government policy. Public comment may again be invited. Relevant Parliamentary Committees may then propose amendments or other proposals and send the paper back to the Ministry for further discussion and final decisions.

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